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Resident Life

When we reach the stage of our life when we need a little more help, it should never be seen as a bad thing. In fact, in most cases, it is the beginning of a whole new set of memories, laughs, and smiles. Senior Solutions Management Group prides itself on providing the highest level of care and resident life.

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Pride and Ownership

Pride and a sense of ownership are what defines us as we age. Cookie-cutter programs from large chains often don’t embrace the nuances of what’s important in our loved ones’ lives. Simply put: what works in California and New York simply doesn’t work in senior care communities in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

We’re different. The foundation of all we do is designed to respect the pride and ownership our residents have worked so hard to build. We work hard to maintain resident relations with their community, their church, and their friends. Traditions like the BBQ Doctor bring the local community to our residents for some good ole’ fashioned Southern BBQ. We know our residents aren’t just in the community, they’re the soul of the community.

Purposeful Activities

Our activity directors are among the most cherished members of our team. Our resident life teams carefully plan activities that stimulate your loved one’s mind, body and spirit. Brain fitness activities are shown to minimize cognitive decline, while physical exercise and activities in the community are shown to increase overall happiness. With a packed activity calendar based on resident feedback, each activity is carefully planned to ensure residents with all levels of mobility can participate.

Personalized Care

We know that every resident has different needs, wants and preferences. We pride ourselves in creating personalized care plans that embrace the dignity of our residents while ensuring proper medication management. We value the unique nutritional needs and personalities that make up each resident’s ideal experience.

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