Meet The BBQ Doctor

A Unique History

Although it’s challenging to understand how senior housing and BBQ cookouts work together, our owner has found a way to make residents passionate about cooking and frequently participates in BBQ competitions. Applying this passion to his work in the senior living industry, Chris Sides incorporates his cooking into events and gatherings at our communities, offering seniors a savory, home-cooked meal that reminds them of the appealing flavors of southern style BBQ dishes.

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Our Passion

We took our passion for BBQ and brought it into our communities. We purchased our first pit, which was a Bubba Grill built by Lonnie Smith in Haddock, Georgia, and we began doing community events for our residents. We welcome residents’ friends and invite our extended family to each town that our company has a presence in.

Where We Are Today

Our first goal was to cook for our residents and their families. Later on, we decided that we could also use BBQ as an amenity in our communities, hence The BBQ Doctor. Since purchasing our first pit, we have obtained several more, including additional Bubba Grills and three cookers from Stumps Smokers.

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About The BBQ Doctor

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