Tennessee Senior Living Resources

Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability

This commission’s stated mission is to “bring together and leverage programs, resources and organizations to protect and ensure the quality of life and independence of older Tennesseans and adults with disabilities.” It provides a wide range of elder information, including caregiving, Alzheimer’s, elder abuse, and long-term ombudsman programs.

Tennessee Area Agencies on Aging and Disability

Nine area agencies on aging (AAADs) organized into regional county groupings across Tennessee provide “accurate and unbiased information on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability,” according to the website:

Tennessee Assisted Living Facilities

This comprehensive site offers data on costs of assisted living communities, admission requirements and scope of care. Visitors can also search current Tennessee senior living license status and find out who owns a particular assisted living community center, last licensing survey date, how many beds, and other important pieces of information that help individuals make informed decisions about their or their loved ones’ senior care.

National Clearinghouse on Long Term Care Information

Developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this website provides information to help you and your family plan for long-term care needs. Included is information on Medicare/Medicaid coverage, long-term care insurance and senior living housing choices. Click on your state for more information on Tennessee senior living options.


This is a comprehensive listing of organizations that rate/report on the performance of health care providers; search for the state of Tennessee.

Choosing the right senior living situation for you or your loved ones is a critically important job and these resources should help you sort through all the information. Tell us about your experience searching for senior living options – what sites were the most helpful?