5 Questions to Ask Before Joining an Assisted Living Community

Knowing that you need to join an assisted living community is a major decision. Because most of us have little, if any, experience with facing this situation, it’s not uncommon to feel a little overwhelmed. That’s normal. But you don’t have to continue to experience uncertainty and worry. You can set your mind at ease […]

Outside view of River Oaks Place Senior Living in Lenoir City, Tennessee

Tour River Oaks Place in Lenoir City, Tennessee

River Oaks Place in Lenoir City is a one of a kind senior living community. It sits high atop the “old town” of historic Lenoir City, Tennessee, peering out on beautiful views of Tellico Lake and the Smoky Mountains. River Oaks Place is especially unique location because, while it is surrounded by so much natural […]

Two women at Hope Center Memory Care in Fayetteville, Georgia

6 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living in Georgia

Does your senior loved one require assisted living in Georgia? Many individuals can benefit from the facilities provided by a thriving assisted living community. They are ideal for those who desire assistance with daily activities. This includes eating, managing medications, bathing, dressing, and controlling bodily functions. Aside from these basic functions, there are several ways […]

Image of elderly woman smiling

Life-Enriched Assisted Living Can Improve Seniors’ Lives

Life enrichment is an integral part of selecting the perfect assisted living community. Many residents come to assisted living when their homes have become too much for them to take care of. ┬áSeniors considering assisted living may hesitate due to their belief that┬áthere will be limited activities in assisted living. However, nothing could be further […]

Image of elderly woman

How to Quality-Check Assisted Living Medication Management Rooms

Medication management is one of the main reasons for moving into assisted living. In fact, one recent study found that 80% of assisted living residents need help with their medications. Moreover, adverse drug reactions cause 10 percent of hospital admissions in older adults–just one more reason medication management is so important. In an assisted living […]

Resident and Caregiver at Carriage House Inn Senior Living in Shelbyville, Tennessee

6 People to Question During an Assisted Living Tour

In the assisted living industry, it can be difficult to decipher the caretakers from the business mongrels. Who is truly looking out for the best interest of your loved one? How can you tell? To find out, you must be prepared to ask some tough questions. Otherwise, your only resource will be a pile of […]