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How to Plan for Assisted Living Costs

The right assisted living community provides your loved one with a wonderful, enriching lifestyle in a safe and secure environment. Such communities provide help, as needed, with the activities of daily living (ADLs) and offer a wide range of stimulating social and recreational activities. However, the responsibility of ensuring that assisted living costs will be manageable is […]

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What to Expect with Senior Care Options

One of the best gifts you can give your aging loved ones is the gift of knowledge and preparedness.  Especially when it comes to understanding the various senior care options and their associated costs. By doing research in advance, you rest easier, knowing you’re prepared both financially and emotionally. There are three fundamental steps you […]

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Resources You Need When An Assisted Living Move Comes Unexpectedly

In a perfect world, mom or dad’s move to assisted living will be carefully researched and planned out. In reality, the move is often necessitated by sudden injury or illness and can’t be pre-planned. When the unforeseen happens, there is assistance available to insure the smoothest transition possible. Here are six resources for when an assisted […]

How can you fund assisted living costs?

Financial Options to Fund Assisted Living Care

When it’s time to relocate a loved one to an assisted living community, one of the first questions is “How will we pay for it?” There are many resources out there, but it takes research to find a program that your loved one qualifies for. We’ve listed some options here that may help you get a […]

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Avoid Hasty Decisions with an Assisted Living Plan

If it seems that your loved one will need to move into an assisted living community soon, your best course of action is to start researching and planning for this move. Though it’s no fun to think about aging parents, ignoring the situation won’t make reality go away. Important decisions made hastily can turn out to […]

Reverse Mortgage: Is It For You?

A reverse mortgage is a loan for seniors that allows them to convert their home equity into cash. The homeowner is not obligated to repay the loan for as long as the home is their principal residence. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad information about who actually qualifies for a reverse mortgage.  They can be great […]