Wait, what does BBQ have to do with Senior Living?

Meet the BBQ Doctor

How in the World do you get a BBQ Doctor from folks that manage Senior Housing?  Well, you take two dull guys, two things we are passionate about, seniors and BBQ, and let us figure out how to combine the two.   The result is the BBQ Doctor….

Basically Chris Sides has loved BBQ since he was a kid and ate at every possible, hole, dump, and roadside stand that sells ribs and pork shoulder.  Chris grew up in North Carolina and is partial to whole hog (from the rooter to the tooter) pork BBQ with heavy dose of pepper vinegar sauce.   We took our passion for BBQ and brought it into our communities. We purchased our first pit, which was a Bubba Grill built by Lonnie Smith in Haddock, Georgia, and began doing community events for our residents, families, and our extended family in each town that our company has a presence.   Our first goal was to cook for our residents and their families as well as use it as marketing tool for our communities, hence The BBQ Doctor.  Since our first pit, we have purchased several more including additional Bubba Grills and three cookers from Stumps Smokers.

So far it has been a tremendous success as we have been bombarded with request to cook. Quickly, we realized that our BBQ was pretty good, so we began to venture into competitive competition BBQ events.  We have developed 4 sauces so far all vinegar based with very fancy names the are #1, #2, #3 and #4.   We compete when we can, with several top ten “walks” and earning a perfect score of 600 for our rib entry at a GBA event in 2011.  We are having to learn the recipe for politics at these events but we sure enjoy doing them.

We look forward to our next community cookout and our next competition.   See you at the pit!!!